Today marks a significant day in Vevo’s history as the company embarks on an ambitious company-wide re-boot designed to lay a foundation for long-term growth. This plan consists of major initiatives across three areas of the business:

Brand – As we refresh the Vevo brand our goal is to put the artists and the incredible content they create front and center and make them the focal point of our visual presence. This strategy will manifest itself in everything from an updated logo on a music video, to our franchises like Vevo Presents, Vevo LIFT and Vevo dscvr to our original programming like :60 With.

Creative, Content & Programming – Our focus on creative content and programming will be around giving Vevo a credible editorial voice through attracting influential hosts, curators and partners onto our platform to entertain our audience, create unique content and help them discover new artists. In parallel, we will amplify our focus on high-quality live production through partnering with artists across our Vevo Presents, Vevo LIFT and Vevo dscvr programs to create incredible live programming that does justice to the music for the artist and their audience. More details can be found in our Creative Content and Programming launch blog post.

Product – On our products we will take the first steps to build a community on our owned and operated Vevo platforms through adding user profiles, creating a beautiful video viewing experience and adding a personalization capability for enhanced discovery and curation of the music you love. This new product experience will be available on mobile and web initially and extend to other platforms in the future. More details on our new Vevo user experience can be found on our product blog post.

These new initiatives represent the starting line for Vevo’s re-boot and in the coming weeks and months we will take frequent steps to further enhance our product experience, create, capture and share compelling new content, and build a fresh vibrant brand that reflects the power of the artist, audience and our platform overall.

(Video by Violet Office and W12)