Watch Party is a co-viewing experience where you can invite friends to chat and vote on videos they’d like to watch together.  It’s similar to an interactive playlist where everyone can be on different computers, in different locations, watching music videos in sync.  All participants of the Watch Party can also live chat with each other – commenting and chatting about the videos they are watching, adding a new experience for Vevo audiences. Watch Party at launch will initially be available only on desktop.

 A watch party can be launched at any time on, and is shareable with friends via a unique party URL.  You can host a watch party in two ways, as the host, where you curate the playlist or through a collaboration with your friends, where you can all vote for what you want to see.

Take a look at this video to find out more about Watch Party:

Getting started:

Head to and click the “Watch Party” button on any video to get your party started, or you can click right here

Host Mode:

This is where you can host a unique experience for your friends or your fans. In this mode the host will control the playlist and the order.  You start the party, name it and invite others to watch by sharing a unique URL.  Our chat feature is available in both modes.  You can change the mode of the party at any time, so if you want to start off as the host you can always invite your friends to join in allowing them to add videos and vote for their favorites.  The creator of the party is the only person with the ability to delete videos.

Collaboration Mode:

The other way you can use Watch Party is in ‘Collaboration Mode.’ In this mode all participants of the watch party can vote for their favorite videos and add these to the playlist, while chatting with everyone watching the party.  Videos with the most votes get played sooner, so you can use the chat to get people to vote for your choices. 

Inviting Friends:

Invite friends by sharing your party link.  Links can be shared across Facebook and Twitter and opened on any desktop browser.


Chat functionality is available in all watch parties using text and emoji.  A party bot will update the group about what videos are coming up next. Up to 10k people can chat at any one time.


Search and add any video from the Vevo catalogue to your Watch Party using our instant search functionality.  Once your video appears, it can be added to the queue and voted on by your friends.



We want you to love using Watch Party – let us know what you think by sending an email to