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Showcase "Les 3 Mousquetaires" (Live au Comédia 2016) (Live)

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  • Producers: Michael Malih, David Kosten, Skydancers
  • Composers: Gary Fico, Michael Malih, Unknown, Antoine Angelelli, Benoît Poher, Denis Guivarc'h, Gioacchino Maurici, Bruno Damas, Fabrice Sioul, Franklin Ferrand, Olivier Visconti, Sarah Hage Ali, Tiery F, André Teitscheid, Coyle Girelli, Damas Bruno, Nicolas Stawski, Stephane Lozac'h, Patrick Veres, Sidney Benichou
  • Copyright: (C) 2016 Sony Music Entertainment / Les Trois Mousquetaires / Twin Music
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