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Us Or Else (Explicit)

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  • Directors: Mike Ho, Anthony Kimata
  • Producers: The Pusha Beats, Digital Natives, Mars, Knottz, Tommy Brown, Steven Franks, Jessy Terrero, Tip "T.I." Harris, Vanda Lee, Antwanate McLaughlin
  • Composers: Lamar Edwards, Emile Ghantous, Clifford Harris, Not Applicable, Arthur Ross, Jacquez Lowe, Translee Macklin, Leon Ware, John Wesley-Groover, Charlie Wilson, Bobby Simmons, Michael Cox, C. Harris, Keith Hetrick, Carlos Battey, Clifton Edwards Jr, Mahin Wilson, Michael Paran, Steve Daly
  • Editor: Carlos Duhaime
  • Copyright: (C) 2017 Grand Hustle, LLC Distributed By Roc Nation Records
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