Music videos are visually striking and endlessly creative. It’s no surprise that for many fans, they’re a powerful source of beauty and style inspiration. The apparel worn in music videos can create the latest trends, from Beyoncé’s kale sweatshirt (from “7/11”), to Drake’s Moncler puffer jacket (“Hotline Bling”). Beauty also plays a role in an artist’s signature look, from Adele’s winged eyeliner to Taylor Swift’s vintage red lipstick. These videos make a mark on pop culture, and in turn, create an opportunity for brands to connect with key consumers. Vevo’s How Influential Are Music Videos on Beauty & Style?: 3 Key Insights For Beauty and Apparel Brands report highlights insightful data from multiple surveys and identifies three key learnings brands need to know in order to reach trendsetting, beauty and style-conscious audiences.

Check out our key learnings below, and read the full report here.

Key Learning #1: Musicians are the biggest source of style inspiration

    • 75% of female Vevo users and 62% of male Vevo users turn to musicians most for their style inspiration, more than any other type of celebrity measured (actors, social media stars, magazines, TV, movies, athletes)
    • 77% of Vevo users agree that musicians are good spokespeople for style brands
    • 69% of respondents felt that musicians’ styles are influential to their overall sense of personal style

Key Learning #2:  Viewers are driven by music videos to create looks of their own

    • 77% of Vevo users are aware of clothing brands used in music videos
    • A quarter of Vevo users will research the brands they see in music videos
    • Half of Vevo users are likely to share style ideas from music videos with their friends
    • 66% of Vevo users want to know more about their favorite artist’s style inspirations
    • 70% of female millennials 13 – 34 want to learn more about their favorite artist’s beauty and style routines

Key Learning #3: Know your audience and their style preferences

    • Gen Z and Millennials have the strongest affinity towards musicians and their sense of style
    • 68% of Vevo users aged 13-34 agreed that musicians are in control of their own style and the brands they use or wear
    • 60% of 13-34 year olds like to buy or use the same style brands that their favorite musicians use
    • One third of respondents aged 13-34 felt that they were more interested in style brands that are sponsored by famous musicians


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